Thursday, February 12, 2015

Star & Bee in the Scraptastic February 2015 Kits

Acrylic has been a popular material ever since we added it to the product line last summer, and this month we were thrilled when Scraptastic chose to include laser-cut acrylic designs in each of their February 2015 kits! Each of the sets pictured below can be found in the It Takes Two, Counting Stars, or This Life Noted kit.










These stencils were also part of the February release, but you won't find them in a kit! Scraptastic gives these away as gifts to subscribers who purchase kits for two or more consecutive months- how fun is that?!?


Star & Bee in the Scrapbook Circle February 2015 Kits

I first added vellum to our product line with the thought that clients would want to create their own 3x4 card designs for pocket scrapbooking, and that's exactly what Scrapbook Circle did for their February 2015 kits! You'll find three cards in their Today is Beautiful release, with designs cut in Gold, Turquoise, and Rose vellum.





Hello, Vellum!

As usual, when it's been quiet on the blog it means that we're busy behind the scenes working on orders and bringing in new materials to add to our product line! Today I'm happy to introduce the 17 different vellum colors that we actually added to our catalog way back last fall, but are just now getting posted here. Our existing customers have already received sample packages, and we've actually been taking orders for vellum for several months now!

Laser cutting vellum allows us to give our customers the same results they would get using a die without the expense involved in having a custom die made. For small runs it's a more economical choice, and we've already produced designs ranging from 3x4 cards for pocket scrapbooking to small pieces that will be included in mixed ephemera packages along with printed cardstock designs.

I'm excited to show you what our clients have done with this material, but first let's introduce the available colors:


Along with a rainbow of bright and colorful hues, we also offer neutrals in clear and ivory, as well as a lovely metallic gold.


We also offer kraft cardstock (not pictured) in a smooth 80lb stock.

We'll be posting photos of client orders using vellum just as soon as we can get the items photographed, and we also have a huge backlog of gorgeous designs to share, as well!